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We sometimes live dangerous lives and even though we don't consider ourselves professionals, we have been living this life for a long time. Therefor we assume all responsibility for our own actions, not yours. This blog is meant to inspire and serve as a guide at times. Have fun with it! Just know that we are not held liable for any impingement that may occur if you were to attempt any of the things we post about.

The entire copyright of all images and videos are retained by The Lost Latitudes. Reproduction, copying or altering any image or video is not only strongly frowned upon, it's not allowed.  Just shoot us an email if you want to use any of the visual content on the website or social channels. We work hard to create the visuals for this site and love people that can appreciate the countless hours the goes into keeping it up. That doesn't mean you can't like and share though. If you read this blog or any of our social channels and feel inspired please by all means tell the world. If we all spread good then the world can be a lot better (and more fun) place to live in.