I later used that knowledge to become one of the top bartenders in NYC and then applied all that fancy mixology to infuse my own private line of moonshines, creating concoctions like ; Lemongrass Jalapeno, Strawberry Basil, Peach Mint, and southern traditions of Blackberry Cobbler and Liquid Apple Pie in the confines of my mothers kitchen. Granted I only gave away those sweet potent drinks one mason jar at a time to my friends and family but the love and respect for a good tasting stiff drink only grew. 

Being the forever tourist I have been on the Bourbon Trial more times than I think some of the employees have. I love sampling the latest and rare one-offs and over time have refined my pallet to what I like to think is at sommelier level. Don't get me wrong, I'm not picky and I sure as hell ain't no snob when it comes to ordering a drink, I'm more of an equal opportunist drinker and feel that after a couple neat pours of the "good stuff" means you could pour me gasoline after and I wouldn't know the difference. Plus the whiskey is only as good as the feeling it brings. 

And that brings us to Stillhouse. Packaging does go a long way in marketing and that's what first drew me to the brand. It looks like something to trust.