More about we...

Writing about yourself always seems like such an arrogant and daunting task. We could speak of ourselves in third person and pretend that someone else wrote this for us but we all know the truth... so here it is. 

Preston Burroughs

Leticia Cline

My hometown of Chino, California is known for two things; dairy farms and prison. I knew early on I didn't want my ass in either so I got my shit together and became a child actor at six pedaling everything from candy bars to action figures while I learned the value of a camera. After stealing my mom’s for years, I finally I bought my own, a Nikon point and shoot, when I was 12 and started capturing everything I could. From creeping on family members for candid shots at the holidays, to the daily moto races at our track in my backyard, I brought my camera everywhere with me. There wasn't a place I went without it. 


As I got older I got a more professional camera, Canon 5D, and my camera was now the one bringing me everywhere. Working with companies like Harley-Davidson, Indian Motorcycles, Vice,  Lexus and Ford, I’ve been all over the United States, Mexico, Canada, France, Spain, and the U.K. because of it.


Since I was little I've been told I was going to die. From having kidney failure at 17 months, diabetes at nine, and then heart surgery at 14, doctors have been reminding me how short life is for as long as I can remember. Because of that I’ve never taken a day for granted, leaving nothing on the table. I like to push the limits, live for today instead of tomorrow, make photography dangerous again and never let anything stop me from doing all of that.


Kentucky born and raised my mama says my nationality is part gypsy and part rambler as I've always had a calling to be where I'm not. Forever a tourist, I believe in under staying my welcome but some places deserve a second visit. In my life I've logged over 4k miles by foot, 150k miles on my motorcycle, 300k by car and even more by plane in search of other people's stories and finding my own. 

I've learned the hard way that life truly is short so you can't waste a minute of it. I unexpectedly lost my father at 29 and at 37 death came knocking on my door in the form of cancer.  I kicked it's ass and stand as a testament that you don't have to wait for death to teach you how to live. Life starts when you want it to.  

I've flown planes over the Atlantic, swam with sharks in the Caribbean, hiked mountains in both the west and eastern US, raced heavy Harley-Davidson's in Flat Track, got 3 Iron Butt Awards, Skydived over the Cape Canaveral Space Launch Site, traveled around the world teaching people how to fly 30 feet in the air in a water jet pack, crawled 300 feet below the surface of the earth in the worlds longest cave, ran moonshine cross state lines and was the director of PR and Marketing for two fortune 500 companies (which was the scariest of all).

Currently I'm a journalist, owner of a wolfdog named Jack London, mother to a human named Caleb and better half to Preston who may be part Kookaburra. I ride an average of 40k miles a year on my motorcycles and write because a psychologist is expensive ain't nobody got time for that!